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All Hard Floor and Carpet Canberra

The Experts in ALL Types of Floor Coverings

All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd is a fully insured carpet, vinyl and timber floor supply and fitting company operating in the Canberra region offering services encompassing the entire floor coverings industry. Our services include supply and fitting of all flooring, waterproofing, concrete grinding and concrete sealing, uplift and removal of existing floor coverings, materials handling, liaising with construction management, complying with occupational health and safety, PPE requirements and we offer full a project management service. All Hard Floor and Carpet Canberra is fully insured with 20+ years experience and we comply with all safety regulations.

I have been laying carpet, vinyl, timber and doing floor prep since the mid nineties and we're experienced in all aspects of the industry. We have also expanded the floor prep and moisture barrier side of the business into epoxy flooring. Both trowel finish and sand seeded non slip epoxy flooring. I have been doing this for some years as a moisture barrier before pouring self leveling compounds prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings and after concrete grinding suspect slabs. Further to that we can also concrete grind to remove curing compound and apply a PU sealer.

If you are looking for supply and expert fitting of carpet, vinyl, timber and concrete flooring as well as repairs to these surfaces look no further. Call our Canberra service line today on 0404 158 489.

Moisture Testing

Compliant with new Australian Standards

Put an End to Moisture-Related Disasters. Whether we are fitting wood or concrete flooring, the importance of accurately measuring its moisture condition is important. If we don’t check for moisture, timber can degrade, concrete can crack, floors can buckle and warp and adhesives and coatings can de-bond. To our knowledge we are the only company in Canberra offering this service currently.

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