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Concrete Polishing Canberra

Concrete polishing is a process that creates a striking, glossy finish on concrete floors and is in demand for both residential and commercial applications. It's become very popular as a floor finish due to the vast range of design options available and how affordable it is. With this type of flooring, different saw cuts, objects or aggregates can be embedded into the floor before polishing to create a different design.

How is it done?

Concrete polishing has many similarities to wood sanding. It involves attaching diamond-impregnated segments or alternatively discs to heavy duty polishing machines which then become progressively finer throughout the polishing process. Different levels of concrete polishing are applied depending on the reflective finish that the floor polisher is trying to achieve.

The first step involved in the polishing process is applying a metallic matrix of diamond segments that are roughly textured to remove any imperfections such as pits, stains or blemishes from the concrete surface. Next, diamond abrasives and progressively finer grits of polishing discs are used to grind the surface finely until the desired sheen is reached. As part of the polishing process, an impregnating sealer is used to protect and harden the concrete so a topical coating won't be required.

Different varieties of concrete polishing

Why concrete polishing is in such high demand for both residential and commercial requirements is because of the wide variety of finishes that can be created. For those after a simple and more industrial feel, plain grey polished concrete is a great alternative. Polished concrete can also be customised to create amazing patterns and designs using colour as well as a range of techniques, such as engraving, stencilling, cutting and scoring. Another alternative to enhance flooring aesthetics is by installing polished concrete overlays.

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Benefits of concrete polishing

There are numerous benefits to having polished concrete floors for both residential and commercial applications.

Residential benefits of having polished concrete floors:

  • Both short-term and long-term cost savings as other floor coverings aren’t necessary
  • Savings on maintenance for the flooring life cycle as it will never need to be replaced as it’s not easily damaged
  • Low maintenance, simple and easy to clean, as well as not harbouring allergens
  • Broad range of colours and designs available.

Commercial benefits of having polished concrete floors:

  • Short-term and long-term cost savings as a concrete slab polished floor finish is far more cost-effective as maintenance costs are lower.
  • Higher resistance to increased foot traffic, as this type of floor service is less vulnerable to damage over its life cycle.
  • Easy to clean and cheaper long-term as the need for coatings and wax are eliminated as well as staffing for this purpose. Also, as the flooring is more durable to stains and marks, it requires less cleaning than other less resilient flooring alternatives.
  • Resistance to effects of moisture as polished concrete lets flooring breathe, unlike other flooring such as tiles that often have sealing issues in the long-term.
  • Increased light reflectivity, which means energy savings, as it reduces the need for artificial lighting sources.
  • Offers a sustainable flooring alternative as it doesn’t need hazardous coatings or adhesives, as well as cleaning agents.

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