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Floor Prep & Concrete Grinding Canberra

Preparation is the key to any successful installation

Floor preparation and concrete grinding are essential processes that need to be undertaken before concrete polishing or other floor coverings or coatings can be applied. These steps are critical to the quality of the finish that will be achieved from your new floor finishes and need to be completed by a floor finishing specialist. These steps are critical to the quality of the finish that will be achieved from concrete polishing and epoxy finishes and need to be completed by a floor finishing specialist. Floor preparation is the initial step that must be completed before the installation of new floor coverings takes place.

Floor preparation

Concrete floors need to be professionally prepared before grinding, overlays, coatings or stains can be applied to the floor surface or any new floorcoverings can be installed. This process involves resurfacing the concrete to either look like plain concrete again or removing existing coatings, adhesives or substrate contaminants or preparing it to be upgraded to a decorative finish in made suitable for installation of new floorcoverings. All floor surfaces have to be prepared initially to floor coating installations, whether it's for industrial, residential or commercial requirements.

How floor preparation is done

Floor preparation involves giving the surface the right concrete surface profile (CSP) for the type of flooring installation or finishes required. Generally, the thicker the coating or overlay a more aggressive profile will need to be prepared. Often to achieve a CSP in a higher range the surface will need to be roughened using the techniques of scarifying or shotblasting.

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Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is the process used to ready the concrete surface either for adjustment, a covering to be installed or alternatively for further maintenance. It has to be undertaken before any coatings, overlays or decorative finishes can be achieved. Concrete grinding has proven to be the most cost-effective solution for concrete floor repairs, as well as for adjustments. Once grinding has taken place all types of concrete sealers and epoxy coatings can be used, along with self-leveling compounds.

Some of the many applications concrete grinding is used for include:

  • To remove defects in the concrete that can be dangerous, such as trip hazards
  • Get rid of the old adhesive that has been left after carpet or tiles have been removed
  • To prepare the concrete surface for polishing or other decorative finishes
  • Leveling the surface for overlays
  • Preparing the surface for carpet or tiles to be laid.

How concrete grinding is done

Concrete grinding is undertaken using a specialised grinding machine that has diamond tipped blades for strength, efficiency and durability. The blades scratch off the top layer of concrete that is damaged or undesirable due to being contaminated, leaving a surface suitable for the application of other coatings, overlays or sealants. Concrete grinding is the most effective way to both smooth and level the top layer of concrete and if it's not done professionally coatings won't stick to the surface.

The benefits of concrete grinding

There are many different benefits that concrete grinding offers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Concrete grinding is an effective technique used to restore floors that were previously damaged or contaminated to near new again. It prepares floors for polishing, sealants and coatings, which are more cost-effective and low maintenance alternatives to other floor finishes such as tiles or carpet. Concrete grinding is a crucial step for strengthening and leveling concrete floors for polishing, which hardens concrete for a longer life cycle, so the floor is more durable and resilient to staining and impact.

With the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, you have peace-of-mind that your concrete floor surface will be in optimal condition for polishing, sealants, epoxy coatings or floor coverings to be applied. Get intouch with us today and find the right solution for you.