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Concrete Floor Repairs Canberra

For all your Canberra concrete floor repairs, you can rely on All Hard Floor and Carpet, the concrete floor experts. We offer a complete range of concrete floor repair services to fix any imperfections and can advise you on the right alternative to suit your budget and needs.

Our concrete flooring specialists can undertake repairs on all types of residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors and are dedicated to delivering superior service and a quality finish the first time, every time. Depending on whether you want to prepare your concrete floor for additional service coatings or just create a more flawless finish with your current concrete floor, there are a range of repair solutions you can choose from: floor levelling, crack injections, floor coatings, fix trip hazards and slip hazards.

Floor levelling

concrete floor repair canberra

Floor levelling is a process that involves applying cement-based materials dissolved in a liquid form to create a hard finish on your concrete floor, smoothing out any imperfections. The surface is then prepared with a concrete grinder, sand blaster or shot blaster.

For floor levelling, two types of applications are generally used, which are underlay and toppings. If you're wanting to install floor coverings such as carpets, vinyl, tiles or wood, then an underlay is required to level the floor and assist installation of other coverings.

Alternatively, floor topping can be applied for levelling if you're not wanting any other coverings, as it's versatile and doubles as a decorative floor finish. All Hard Floor and Carpet of Canberra are experts in floor levelling and only use top quality finishes.

Floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings or polyurethane resin can be applied to your concrete floors to protect and enhance the appearance. Before floor coatings can be applied, any cracks need to be repaired and the surface levelled for the best finish. All Hard Floor and Carpet use the highest quality floor coatings for superior durability and appearance.

Crack injections

Crack injection is a technique where resin is injected into a concrete crack, sealing and strengthening the imperfection. This task is undertaken using one of two types of resin, either epoxy or polyurethane, with the choice being based on the characteristics of the crack being repaired.

Crack injection is more regularly required for concrete flooring that is older or has experienced a lot of wear-and-tear. Before applying other coatings or floor coverings, cracks will need to be repaired. All Hard Floor and carpet use the latest resins on the market for our Canberra crack injection service.

Fix trip hazards or slip hazards

Trip hazards or slip hazards around the home or workplace can be very dangerous and need to be repaired urgently, before accidents occur. To fix trip or slip hazards, a process called concrete grinding is used to smooth the surface. Concrete grinding involves using specialised grinding equipment to remove the surface layers of the concrete and create a safe, level surface. To ensure faster turnaround times and a smoother finish after grinding, our flooring specialists at All Hard Floor and Carpet use state-of-the-art heavy duty grinding equipment for all Canberra concrete grinding services.

If you have concrete flooring that need repairs, contact our team at All Hard Floor and Carpet to arrange a consultation or obligation free quote today. We're happy to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.

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Moisture Testing

Compliant with new Australian Standards

Put an End to Moisture-Related Disasters. Whether we are fitting wood or concrete flooring, the importance of accurately measuring its moisture condition is important. If we don’t check for moisture, timber can degrade, concrete can crack, floors can buckle and warp and adhesives and coatings can de-bond. To our knowledge we are the only company in Canberra offering this service currently.

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