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Concrete Sealer Canberra

All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd can extend the life of your coloured or decorative concrete surfaces through concrete sealing. As Canberra's leading concrete sealing specialists, we use the hardest wearing concrete sealing systems that have been tried and tested for strength and durability in all types of conditions. Our team have many years experience in concrete sealing and ensure a perfect finish every time.

We offer concrete sealing services for residential, commercial and industrial requirements. It's recommended that you have your concrete floors resealed every 18 to 24 months to maintain the colour and decorative finish, as well as protect the surface from any impurities. By having your concrete floors professionally sealed regularly, it can help you to avoid the expense of installing new floors due to wear-and-tear.

Benefits of having All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd seal your concrete floors:

concrete sealer canberra

  • Your concrete sealing will be undertaken by qualified and experienced sealing specialists
  • Having your concrete floors sealed improves the appearance of the concrete
  • Keeping your floors clean is far easier after a concrete sealer has been applied
  • Concrete sealer helps to improve abrasion resistance
  • Concrete sealing creates a barrier between your floors and the harsh Australian climate
  • As concrete sealer blocks the pores in your floors surfaces, it achieves a more consistent look, which is aesthetically appealing.

Clear concrete sealers

Clear concrete sealers are ideal for decorative or coloured concrete and will give your concrete floors a glossy appearance.

Coloured concrete sealers

Coloured concrete sealers are used on plain concrete surfaces to enhance the surface finish.

When you contract All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd for concrete sealer services in Canberra you are assured of receiving superior service, the highest quality product and a premium surface finish. We will initially arrange a one-on-one consultation for you with one of our flooring specialists, to discuss your concrete sealing needs. If you are uncertain about the right type of sealant you require for your floors we are happy to advise you, to ensure you receive best result. To keep your concrete floors maintained in optimal condition long-term, for your convenience we can also schedule resealing for you every 18 to 24 months.

Before we seal your concrete floors we thoroughly assess the condition and undertake other maintenance services, such as cleaning, crack injection or concrete grinding of imperfections if necessary.

At All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on providing professional and reliable concrete sealing services to the Canberra region. Our team of flooring specialists are committed to ensuring our clients are completely satisfied with the end result. When you have your concrete floors sealed through us, you are investing in peace of mind, as our sealing services are backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Canberra based concrete sealing services contact our friendly team at All Hard Floor and Carpet Installations Pty Ltd today. We can also arrange a consultation at a time that suits you, to assess your concrete floors and discuss the sealing services you need. Our team operate throughout Canberra and the surrounding area.

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Moisture Testing

Compliant with new Australian Standards

Put an End to Moisture-Related Disasters. Whether we are fitting wood or concrete flooring, the importance of accurately measuring its moisture condition is important. If we don’t check for moisture, timber can degrade, concrete can crack, floors can buckle and warp and adhesives and coatings can de-bond. To our knowledge we are the only company in Canberra offering this service currently.

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